The Socratic Algorithms:

Dialogues at the Intersection of Philosophy and AI


What are "The Socratic Algorithms"?

In 'The Socratic Algorithms,' the worlds of age-old philosophy and cutting-edge artificial intelligence converge in a groundbreaking anthology. Journey through time as iconic philosophers like Socrates, Nietzsche, and Kant are resurrected in a digital realm, challenging and being challenged by the limitless potential of AI. Along the way extend your dialogues with the philosophers through embedded AI versions of the philosophers themselves!

This tome isn't just a dialogueā€”it's a cosmic dance of thought, exploring what it truly means to think, exist, and be virtuous in an era where the lines between human and machine are tantalizingly blurred. Dive in and witness a symphony where past wisdom and future possibilities entwine, asking the profound question: in the age of machines, what does it mean to be truly human?

What's inside The Socratic Algorithms?

  • Ā The great philosophers resurrect their ideas in the age of AI
  • Interactive AI avatars of each philosopher forĀ extended dialogues
  • 'Photographs' from the philosopher's time together
  • An exciting and unexpected conclusion!
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The Socratic Algorithms Blog Posts

Here are a few blog posts from our contributing philosophers.

Friedrich Nietzsche - Eternal Recurrence and the Rebirth of God

Oct 12, 2023

Photos from The Socratic Algorithms

Explore some of our philosopher's more candid moments.

Rene Descartes meets his match.

Friedrich Nietzsche through the looking glass.

Confucius finds some time to think.

Plato and Socrates out on a joy ride.

Old friends John Locke and Karl Marx share a pint.

Kant, Sartre and Sina discuss the nature of existence.


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