Human-centered Professional Learning for the Modern Educator 

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Educators

This engaging introductory course is crafted to equip you with a solid understanding of artificial intelligence and its practical applications in the classroom. Discover how to effectively utilize AI-driven tools and strategies, elevate your teaching techniques, and foster improved student outcomes.

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Designing Human-centered Lesson Plans​

This pioneering course, grounded in the profound learning theories of John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, and Paolo Freire, bridges the gap between efficiency and human-centered pedagogy. The thoughtfully designed prompts span diverse subjects, skill levels, and educational objectives, revealing innovative methods for student engagement, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, all while staying at the forefront of AI technology advancements.

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Culture, Ethics & Cheating in the Classroom​

Throughout this course, participants will explore the cultural and ethical implications of AI technologies in education, and will be equipped with practical strategies to combat cheating facilitated by AI. By engaging with expert insights, interactive discussions, and real-world examples, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities AI presents in the classroom.

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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” 

John Dewey

Generation AI: Human-centered Prompts for the Modern Educator​

Discover "Generation AI: Human-centered Prompts for the Modern Educator," an innovative and groundbreaking book that equips educators with the knowledge and tools to incorporate ChatGPT effectively in their classrooms, fostering human-centered learning experiences for Generation AI.

  • Rooted in human-centered. learning theory
  • 100+ learning prompts​
  • 20+ bonus administrative prompts
  • A pedagogy first approach to prompts​
  • Includes the Habits of Mind, technology, assessments, and more​
  • Always updated, always FREE​


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