Meet our founders

Chris Bell

Chris Bell is an accomplished educator and edtech innovator, having built a distinguished career spanning various roles in education. With extensive experience as a teacher, technology coordinator, school leader, district leader, and Chief Operating Officer, Chris has cultivated a deep understanding of the educational landscape and works with private and public organizations to design better products, solutions, and services for the classroom.

As the co-founder of two dynamic companies, including Design Mindset, Chris has played a pivotal role in transforming education by integrating innovative technology and pedagogical practices. He is passionate about the intersection of design thinking, student entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and innovation in schools, and is committed to making a lasting impact on the future of education.

Brendan Brennan

Brendan Brennan, a multifaceted educator, researcher, curriculum developer, and entrepreneur, boasts roots in Boston, Honolulu, Osaka, and Irvine, CA. Drawing on a diverse range of innovation practices from around the world, including kaizen, Total Quality Management, Polynesian wayfinding, and human-centered design, Brendan has founded several educational start-ups and remains committed to improving the quality of life for people in various communities.

During his time at the University of Hawaii, Brendan employed horizon technologies and human-centered design to create collaborative, formative, and learner-centered curricula and teacher training programs. As he continues to innovate at the intersection of education, technology, and design, Brendan’s ultimate goal is to disrupt and transform the American education system fundamentally.

Our philosophy

At Design Mindset, we believe the future of education lies in the synergy between technology, design thinking, and human-centered professional learning. By equipping educators with the tools and methodologies to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences, we aim to empower the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and problem-solvers.

Join us on this journey to transform education and unlock the potential of every student.