Generation AI: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Educators 


Human- centered teaching with AI-driven tools for engagement, productivity, and responsible integration

This 30 hour course provides a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence and its applications within the educational context. Participants will be guided through the fascinating world of AI, from its history to its modern-day implications in various aspects of daily life. The course aims to help educators harness the power of AI-driven tools and strategies, enhancing their teaching practice and ultimately improving student outcomes.

  • Leverage AI prompting and assistive technologies to create engaging content, lesson plans, and streamline teaching practice.
  • Utilize AI-powered tools for lesson planning, productivity, and communication to save time, enhance student engagement, and improve parent-teacher interactions.
  • Comprehend the ethical considerations and privacy concerns associated with using AI in education and foster responsible AI usage among students.
  • Implement effective strategies for integrating AI into the classroom, nurturing a growth mindset, and helping students adapt to AI-powered learning environments.


This is more than just a course.

We see this as embarking on a journey together. An expedition to bring humanity back to the classroom. To leverage the power of AI to become more human and connected. 

Here's what you'll recieve as part of your purchase:

  • Lifetime course access including all updates beginning May 15, 2023
  • Access to Design Mindset Discord community
  • Access to monthly live sessions with course authors Brendan Brennan and Chris Bell on artificial intelligence in education
  • Two units of graduate credit (Optional for additional fee)
    Graduate credit through Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado upon successful completion of all course requirements and submission of a learning portfolio. You must receive a passing grade of A or B in order to receive graduate credit. Additional details to be provide in course after May 15, 2023 when Summer 2023 semester begins at Adams State. 

Join us on this journey!