Generation AI: Culture, Ethics & Cheating in the Classroom 


Navigate AI's innovative landscape, address ethical challenges, and foster academic integrity in the classroom

Throughout this course, participants will explore the cultural and ethical implications of AI technologies in education, and will be equipped with practical strategies to combat cheating facilitated by AI. By engaging with expert insights, interactive discussions, and real-world examples, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities AI presents in the classroom.

Course learning objectives

  • Understand the cultural and ethical dimensions of AI in education.
  • Develop an ethical framework for integrating AI technologies in the classroom.
  • Identify the various ways in which students might use AI to cheat and analyze the potential consequences.
  • Implement effective strategies and tools to detect and prevent AI-enabled cheating.
  • Promote a culture of academic integrity and responsible AI use among students.


Chat Bot Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence technology. Woman using a laptop computer chatting with an intelligent artificial intelligence asks for the answers he wants.. ChatGpt

This is more than just a course.

We see this as embarking on a journey together. An expedition to bring humanity back to the classroom. To leverage the power of AI to become more human and connected. 

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  • Lifetime course access including all updates beginning May 15, 2023
  • Access to Design Mindset Discord community
  • Access to monthly live sessions with course authors Brendan Brennan and Chris Bell on artificial intelligence in education
  • Two units of graduate credit (Optional for additional fee)
    Graduate credit through Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado upon successful completion of all course requirements and submission of a learning portfolio. You must receive a passing grade of A or B in order to receive graduate credit. Additional details to be provide in course after May 15, 2023 when Summer 2023 semester begins at Adams State. 

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