Generation AI:  Designing Human-centered Lesson Plans 


Embrace AI-enhanced, human-centered teaching to elevate engagement, critical thinking, and collaboration.

This 30 hour pioneering course, grounded in the profound learning theories of John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, and Paolo Freire, bridges the gap between efficiency and human-centered pedagogy. The thoughtfully designed prompts span diverse subjects, skill levels, and educational objectives, revealing innovative methods for student engagement, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, all while staying at the forefront of AI technology advancements.

Course learning objectives

  • Understand and apply human-centered learning theories, such as those proposed by Dewey, Vygotsky, and Freire, in the development of lesson plans that emphasize empathy, critical thinking, collaboration, social responsibility, and social change.

  • Utilize the principles of the P6 Lesson Design Stack to create dynamic, inspiring, and empowering learning experiences that consider developmental levels, content standards, desired traits and skills, human-centered activities, technology integration, personalization, and performance assessment.

  • Prioritize pedagogy over technology, learning to make informed decisions about when and how to integrate technology to enhance student engagement, collaboration, and understanding, while maintaining alignment with human-centered educational goals and effective teaching strategies.

  • Adapt teaching strategies and lesson plans to address the needs of diverse learners by making appropriate modifications, accommodations, and differentiations.


Chat Bot Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence technology. Woman using a laptop computer chatting with an intelligent artificial intelligence asks for the answers he wants.. ChatGpt

This is more than just a course.

We see this as embarking on a journey together. An expedition to bring humanity back to the classroom. To leverage the power of AI to become more human and connected. 

Here's what you'll recieve as part of your purchase:

  • Lifetime course access including all updates beginning May 15, 2023
  • Access to Design Mindset Discord community
  • Access to monthly live sessions with course authors Brendan Brennan and Chris Bell on lesson planning with generative AI
  • Two units of graduate credit (Optional for additional fee)
    Graduate credit through Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado upon successful completion of all course requirements and submission of a learning portfolio. You must receive a passing grade of A or B in order to receive graduate credit. Additional details to be provide in course after May 15, 2023 when Summer 2023 semester begins at Adams State. 

Join us on this journey!